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Sunday, 29 December 2013 15:51


Beauty, sympathy a lot´s of surfing!




Don´t let impress with the good looks of Anastasia Ashley! Her dedication to surfing his impressive! Still fresh from a competition in the powerful waves of Pipeline (Hawaii) - Pipeline Women´s Pro 2013 – where she finished in 2 second place, and also the nomination for the Billabong XXL 2013, for surfing a monster wave in last 31 of December in Oahu, Outer Reef.


SurfTotal had a chat with this Hawaiian surfer, to get know how her career:



SurfTotal :  Do you like your job?


Anastasia :  I love it. It's definitely a job what some people don't realize. I don't work in a office, I could be traveling for 20 hours straight to catch a swell, or hoping on a plane somewhere.  At the end of the day I get to surf for a living , which was a life long dream come true.



SurfTotal :  Describe us what you felt, after charging on that monster wave – last 31 December on Oahu Outer Reef?


Anastasia  : Scared, the outer reef's are crazy with no line up's you can really see from the beach. So your kind of out there on your own. I got worked and caught inside that session before I got that good one.  I felt so stoked, catching a wave by paddling that size of wave is ridiculous. So much adrenaline.  Going through you, your in total “flight or fight" mode.



SurfTotal : Being a model and a surfer, his that a lot of pressure? (Like you need to be very fit all the time)


Anastasia : Totally, being a female surfer. My job is to be in a bikini. I would be lying if I said I felt no pressure to be in shape. I am constantly photographed on the beach, so I feel like I definitely want to stay in good shape for my sport as well as for looks.



SurfTotal  : The sponsorship is different from men to women?


Anastasia : It's definitely way more money for the men , like any sport . But there's alot of outside sponsorships and brands that prefer female surfing to men. Which is rad.



SurfTotal  : How have been this 2013, and what´s next?


Anastasia :  Been great! Gotten some good big wave sessions in, and super stoked how that is going for me. Working on rad videos and getting rad photos.



Surftotal : Do you have message for women surfers?


Anastasia : stay strong and focused.

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