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Tuesday, 10 May 2016 23:07

I think its a shame that there are no Indonesian surfers on the wct" - Darmaputra Tonyo

"because there are definitely guys who surf well enough to be competing on the world tour"...


Indonesian surfer Darmaputra Tonyo, local from Kuta Bali, got through the quarter finals on Komune Bali Pro. Darma took a bit of his time to talk with us about his experience in Keramas. Darma in this short interview, also expresses his opinion about the Indonesian surf scenario and off course the importance of his main sponsor and his goals. "Thanks Darma"


Surftotal:In the quarter finals you almost win against the event champion and you made your best heat in the event. What was the diference between that heat and your previous ones?

Darma Putra - I am so happy to surf in keramas competition, and for me to make it through to the quarterfinal was a huge honor. Also to surf man on man with Taj was really special for me. He is one of the best surfers in the world and it was amazing to have the opportunity to surf with him. In the quarterfinals, the waves were really good and I managed to get a couple of good barrels early on. I think wave consistency and only having one other guy to surf against is why I could get some good scores.

Darma had one of the most disputed heats of Komune Pro, in the 1/4 finals with elite surfer Taj Burrow. WSL


About the next wsl/asc events, which ones, are you going to compete in?

Hopefully this year I'll go to India for the ASC event, as well as some events here in Indonesia. Its kinda difficult for a lot of us to find the money to get to all the events, so i'm happy to surf wherever i can.


Your perspective, as a professional surfer, about the Indonesian surfers! What do you think is missing for Indonesia have a surfer on the WCT?

I think its a shame that there are no Indonesian surfers on the wct, because there are definitely guys who surf well enough to be competing on the world tour. To be honest, i think it's mostly a money thing. It must be expensive to be on the tour, and we cant afford it. Hopefully as the surf industry grows in Indonesia, and Indonesian surfers get noticed more, we will find some funding to compete with the rest of the world. Also, we have some of the best waves in the world here so it would be cool to see more events here in the future.

* The Search for new spots fits perfect with Darma's sponsor, Rip Curl.

For how long you are sponsored by Rip Curl? How did your life as a professional surfer improved after the Rip Curl Support?

I've been with Rip Curl since i was 16, already about 10 years. They've been really good to me and we have an awesome team here in Bali. When they took me on, it gave me a new confidence in my ability and encouraged my surfing.


Anything more you would like to say? 

I'm lucky and grateful to have the opportunities that I do, and to be able to enjoy the waves. I really hope to have the opportunity to travel more in the future, to surf in new places and compete in new events. Thanks!


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