Taina Izqierdo "atacking" the lip Taina Izqierdo "atacking" the lip

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Monday, 06 June 2016 00:30


"That would be a dream come true. I would love to have more girls in Indonesia, or anywhere for that matter, to experience surfing and the ocean" - Taina Izquierdo


Today we had an interesting conversation with Taina Izqierdo and her father, Cacho. We understood why this young surfer have so much to give to Indonesian Surfing.
First we made some questions to Taina father, the famous Puerto Rico Surfer, Cacho Izquierdo that found in Indonesia, Bali,  the endless surf summer. After we made all the questions to Taina.

Hope you enjoy it:

*Cacho Izquierdo riding a big and long left hander


Surftotal - So we know that you are a surfer from Puerto Rico. What made you move from that awesome country to this awesome Island that is Bali?

Cacho - Surfing , the endless summer!

Your experience in Balinese waves we guess that have been amazing. And what about the experience with the Balinese population?

Wherever you go there you are! 20 years, must be good! hey!?

Your favourite spots in Bali? Your favourite food?

Uluwatu. food... cachos sunset grill at padang padang

Now about Taina, congratulations first of all for her surf and her character. Tell us a bit of Taina surf history? when you noticed Taina love surfing, since what age? And when you noticed she have a competitive surfer profile?

Since 6 years old, she enter the push divisions, and developed a competitive character, and also ambition to win. Since then she competes sometimes few times a month, this last month 3 finals, two wins, Rip Curl Grom Search and Billabong series !1... and six position at Volcom.

*Taina have been showing Focus in her competitive surfing.



                                                                            TAINA IZQIERDO INTERVIEW:


                     "My main goals.. hmm, i want to be the first Indonesian to win a world title.

                                      That would be a dream come true." - Taina Izqierdo



Let us know what are the meaning for you this last successful results, in Grom Search and Gromet Atack and Volcom? You've been getting the right training? the right equipment?

Taina - yeah, my surfboard sponsor is dhd , . .! but is a new sponsor so we are fine tuning,equipment is top priority as any other sport

Your relationship with your Papa? we know he's a good surfer .. He have been your biggest surf mentor? tell us a bit about the importance that you think your papa been having in your surf development, please?

ahah..My dad, well we are very close and yes he is an excellent surfer, I got my inspiration and love for surfing from him. My dad travels with me everywhere, he watches my heats carefully and he knows what i have to do to improve my surfing and strategy during my heats.

Now about the gear, your quiver nowadays, which are the main boards you use and for wich wave conditions?

About my boards..well, now that i have my magic board from mayhem, I don't ever want to get off it..when you first stand up on a board, you'll know if its the magic board or not and my new 5,3 from mayhem is definitely my magic board. I can ride it in any conditions that's why it is so special. that's why i love it so much. When the waves do get bigger, i do ride a much bigger board, last swell i rode a 6.6.. it was tough at times but when i do get the waves it goes great.

your main goals are?

My main goals.. hmm, i want to be the first Indonesian to win a world title. That would be a dream come true. I would love to have more girls in Indonesia, or anywhere for that matter, to experience surfing and the ocean. I would love to go to university in Australia one day ahah, i love it there.

your best surf friends are?

Cinta,westen and basically all my friends are fun to surf with, The groms that shares the waves and make me laugh are the ones who i love to surf with.

* The friendship with competitive friends like Cinta Hansel makes us notice the noble attitude in the grom events

A brand that come immediately to your mind? why?

The brand that immediately come to my mind is Rip Curl for sure. Ever since i was around 10 i've always wanted to be a rip curl team rider and now that i am, i do not want to let them down. I'm so grateful to represent rip curl. They treat me well and for that, i want to be the best that i can be. I want to make them proud.

A message to all the girls that are starting to surf?

A message for all the girls out there.. don't let anything be on the way of your dreams.Believe in yourselves, you'll get there.

*Taina going big at Uluwato. Attitude in big waves is something that makes part of all the Surf Champions



Taina - Oh and additional sponsors are surf yogis and studio repair. Very grateful to have them behind my back...


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