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Sunday, 09 April 2017 22:43

"To all the girl/boy never be afraid to fail, be afraid to not try" ...CINTA HANSEL

Today we bring you a short interview with Cinta Hansel. This Indonesian little 16 years old lady have a beautifull message to all of us.



When and why you start surfing?
I started surfing when I was 9 years old. I was inspired by my dad and my best friend.

What surfing brought better to your life?
Surfing made my life better made me braver to never be scared on trying something new. Every day I think what would I be if I wasn't a surfer I'll be nothing I'll be at school working hard to just be a person, but surfing have made me a Great person I'm blessed every day I get to do everything I love. To all the Girl / boy never be afraid to fail, be afraid to not try

Your biggest inspiration?
My Biggest inspiration is of course my Dad, he inspires and motivate me every day he's my Hero, my friend, and a loving dad to three of his Daughters

Your biggest fear?
My Biggest fear is to fall and couldn't never get back up. Like if I want something or achieve something and couldn't acchieve it and I feel sad and have no motivation to try again . But I know my dad will always have my back no matter how hard it is.

Favourite maneuver?why?
My favorite maneuver is my Backhand attack and my Backhand round house in to layback. Their my favorite because my Home break is at uluwatu and it's a left hand point.

Favourite wave?
Uluwatu is for sure beautiful beach and glassy water. And Padma beach break is also my favorite I love surfing padma and the Padma Boys Boardriders they treat me like their families to.

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What you consider your biggest achievement in life until now?
My biggest achievement in life is winning the ASC Junior Girls 2× 2014 and 2015 and also getting 3rd Place in Australia in 2016 at the Taj's small fries and winning the national final 2× and get to travel to Brazil and Hawaii

What do you have to say to the Indonesian people about the ocean? and about surfing?

To all Indonesian the ocean is our life the ocean is the biggest present that god give us the ocean is everything to us. So please take care of it as the ocean is our Home the ocean is a Home to me I love being in the ocean it makes me relax and release all my stress and let my stress drift away with the current as I stay with a new positive energy and Please don't litter our ocean don't trow your rubbish in to our ocean. If you throw and litter at the ocean it means you don't like gods present all I can say is Love our ocean #dontlitter #lovetheocean It's hard for our surfer to surf with plastic bag stuck on our fins and it gives us a negative energy if we surf with rubbish all around us. It's more happy to surf if we see the ocean clean and Happy with no rubbish

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