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Monday, 09 October 2017 23:28


With 77 years old, Australian Ken McDougall reminds us about the essence of surfing. Ken enjoy life as much as he can.

In one of Surftotal trips to Indonesia we meet Ken McDougall, a third or fourth generation surfer from Australia. At the age 77 he remains very active and almost always in the search for the perfect waves. That led us to a very special conversation.


Surftotal: We believe that you came along to Indonesia loads of times, since when you started?

Ken McDougall: I' ve been coming to Indonesia for the last 30 years 

Comparing the actual Infrastructures with the first times you came to Indonesia, The difference is huge? and what about the people?

The infrastructure has advanced immensely. We were amazed at the Jakarta airport, and the standard on the flights. The people we encountered were all professional with that same friendly courtesy in the islands.


“what you remember are the people as well as the waves."


Indonesia have 17.000 islands, many of them have hundreds of well shaped waves, are you an expert in Indonesia Waves? You can say you surfed much different waves?
I have been to Indonesia and the south pacific, Hawaii 8 times. Each area's waves have different characteristics but what you remember are the people as well as the waves.

The kingfishers wave(Lances Left) is an 'outstanding' world class wave which you never tire of watching as well as surfing. I have not surfed waves as fast and powerful as i have on this trip, that includes cloudbreak in Fiji.

Ken sharing a wave with his son

Knowing what you know nowadays, what would you do different in your surf live? and in your live if we may ask?

I live 50Mtrs from the beach in the north wollongong area which is stunningly beautiful and you can not find more contented people who enjoy the coast and lifestyle, so life is complete.


“my mates surf they have had hip and knee replacements but keep bouncing back"

Most of your mates still surf?

Yes my mates surf they have had hip and knee replacements but keep bouncing back. I have a friend who still surfs at 87 who cant get to his feet but kneels on one leg on a specially made board on sydneys northern beaches.



What is the secret to keep on surfing and keep on the rithm?

To have a fitness program is essential as you get older, my grand daughter is a qualified personal trainer so i get ' Poppy Rates '.


*Thanks a lot for your time Ken. Keep enjoying live!




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