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Friday, 17 January 2014 21:07


Rahadi is the head of Nixon in Bali, and talked to us about the industy in Indonesia, with a special focus on surfing

Name, age, place of birth?
Rahadi, 30, Denpasar-Bali

How did surfing got into your life?
I love surf products since high school and in time I got deeper with the community and the business. It's affecting my personality and also the way I see the world, it's a lot of fun and a challenge at the same time.

When did you decide to get involved by the surf industry?
I jump in into surf industry since 2007 on my first working in surf retail industries in one of the surf brand in Indonesia,  I love the idea of making the best product for the best community  so I get deeper into the surf industry..

Do you believe that surfing can improve the life quality for those who do it?
Certainly... to be a great surfer (for competition or for fun). you need dedication, discipline, passion, love for the sport itself and that will shape and bring up the quality of the surfer inside out.

About Nixon's strategy. How does Surf impact Nixon's brand image and lifestyle?
Every Nixon product is a reflection of who we are. And when what we do becomes part of who you are, we're connected. And that's why we are committed to the highest standards of quality. There's nothing generic, no bland catch-alls. Instead, we aim for the exceptional from materials to function to finish, we take no shortcuts. With every detail considered and every element essential. we're up holding our commitment to making the little things better.

What are Nixon's main watch models for surfers and ocean lovers?
The Lodown and the Supertide. If you're a surfer, you should put it on your arm while surfing. It's the best companion for a surfer in the sea.

How do you see the ocean culture among the indonesian society? Do you think it's growing? Why?
The ocean culture is getting bigger and bigger each year. Specially in Bali, that became the main attraction for surfers, with lot's of the best beaches and waves. With more international surfing events thatare held in Bali, and also a ton of advertising and marketing that bring up the ocean culture, make indonesians more aware of the ocean culture, or I can say the lifestyle.

Which are Nixon's main surfriders from Indonesia? And from the rest of the world?
From Indonesia we have Betet and Raditya Rondi, and internationally we also have the best, such as Bruce Irons, Nathan Fletcher, Dusty Payne, Rob Machado and many more... you can check the details and updates at

What can we expect from Nixon for 2014? New releases?
Our fans will see great new products and collections for 2014. From watches, backpacks, headphones and also other acc, some of Nixon new products are already at the shops. So all readers are invited to visit our main flagship store: Nixon Legian in Bali, at Jalan Legian No. 135 Ph. 0361-751742 or at watch world beach walk level 2 A9X & A9Y Ph. 0361-8465002.




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