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Friday, 24 July 2015 00:00

"I still feel like a kid when I'm at the beach"

An exclusive interview with the beautiful Reef ambassador, Paige Maddison.

Paige Maddison
, model and surfer, is one of Reef's ambassadors. She travels the world looking for waves, fun and adventure; Sometimes with surfers such as Rob Machado or Tia Blanco. And the great part is, it's her job. We had the opportunity to catch up with Paige during her stay in the Philippines, and she was kind enough to share some of her thoughts with us. She will be just passing through Portugal next month!


How is your life as a Reef ambassador?

Spontaneous. I'm on my third year with Reef, but for the past year and a half, i've been trying to travel as much as I can. I don't have a home so to speak. My family is relocating all over the world, so I usually live somewhere for two months or so, and then continue on.


The Philippine people? 

I've never met such warm and welcoming people. They invite you into their home as if you are one of their own. When you travel a lot you are constantly out of your comfort zone, and when you settle in a place for a couple of weeks, you just want to feel welcome and relaxed, and that's exactly what Filippino's do.


The waves in La Union?

The point is fun for long boarding and the beach break for short boarding. The weather is much like my home town in Australia, so I'm used to the heat. It doesn't rain that often, and you don't need to worry about winter, that's for sure.


Why is it more fun in the Philippines?

I am drawn to the Philippines because of the people. Sure, I am grateful to have found waves to surf, but the people are what make it.



I mainly use my longboard, though I intend to practice more on my shortboards in the coming months. My main focus with long boarding is foot work and staying in control. Surfing isn't just a skill you acquire. It's a learning process, a process that is never ending, with every wave being different.


Other Reef ambassadors

I think there's 19 altogether, if i'm not mistaken. I've met maybe half of them? I spend time with a few here and there, whenever there is a Reef shoot. Or if I am on the same continent as a fellow ambassador, we'll catch up.


When did you decide to become a surf traveller? we can call it that way? it just naturally happened?

It all happened by chance. When I was living in Noosa, I was invited to go down to Byron Bay, NSW one weekend and assist on a photo shoot. Mainly to just be in the background, surf, model and have fun. After that, Reef kept in touch, and as of 2013, I signed a contract to be their Long Boarding Ambassador.


Something "massive" that you have learned with your travel?

I can't think of anything 'massive' so to speak. It's about experience. The people I meet on my travels and what we share. Whether it be surfing or simply exploring something new. Its about putting myself out there in the big wide world, experiencing different cultures and absorbing their way of life. New ways of thinking.


The Ocean for you means?

Joy. I still feel like a kid when i'm at the beach. It keeps you grounded. Makes you appreciate how much beauty there is in the simplest form.


A Perfect day?

Wake up, pick up a friend with the boards in the back. Grab a coffee from my favourite Deli, surf all morning. Eat a ton of fruit for lunch. Have a 1,2 hour siesta, then do it all over again. 


Your life quote?

Treat others, how you would want to be treated.


The most inspiring thing in life?



Portugal? Why and when? you'l have a special event for your fans ;)

I will be in Portugal for the next Reef shoot from the end of August until the middle of September


You can follow Paige's travels on Instagram: @PaigeMaddison_ 

Or visit her website:


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