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Tuesday, 08 July 2014 18:46


Big rider’s exclusive interview for SurfTotal



On the first event of ASP’s Big Wave World Tour (BWWT), Carlos Burle made it to the semis. Billabong Pico Alto, that ended last 3rd of July in Peru, was won by young Makua Rothman. Still, brasilian and champion in 2012 was happy about his performance. And, of course, he talked about Nazaré and admitted that one day, it could be an event for the BWWT.


How do you evaluate your performance at the Billabong Pico Alto?
I believe it was good. I was really close to reaching the final - which is your main goal when you want to win an event.


What does it take to reach the top in big wave riding?
Training hard! And always being paying attention to maps and forecasts so that you can be at the right place and surf the biggest waves on the world.


This is a sport where team work is crucial. How important is having the right partner?
Fundamental. The right partner can take the best out of you when training! After all, he’s the one who puts you on the right spot.


Do you thing about all the risks every time you charge a big wave, or not so much anymore?
Sure! Always! And that makes me work harder to be prepared for those moments.


What does your family say?
They know all the risks involved, and believe in my ability to do what I do.


We can’t escape talking about Nazaré. What do you think about that wave?
Amazing! The biggest waves I ever surfed in my life!


How do you remember the day you saved Maya Gabeira?
It was an intense day. I felt all sorts of emotions all together! I went from hell to heaven in a matter of hours. A day I will remember forever.


Do you think there could be a BWWT event in Portugal?
I think there will be one day. The potential is all there.


What’s your biggest goal, both personally and professionally?
To give all my best, always!

Patrícia Tadeia

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