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Tuesday, 20 January 2015 00:00


Aritz Aranburu. We interviewed one of Europe's finest surfers.

From the Basque country, Aritz Aranburu is one of the best surfers out there. After a season on the World Championship Tour, we talked to him about his plans for this year, that include a stop at a special tube event in Carcavelos, Portugal: Capítulo Perfeito. We caught him between surf sessions in Portugal, and he was kind enough to answer our questions.

First of all, how does it feel to be one of the chosen surfers for Capítulo Perfeito?
I feel thankful for the opportunity the organization has given me and for the fans’ support. I really appreciate their effort so I can be part of the event. Muito obrigado for the commitment Portugal is showing to surfing as well!

What are your expectations for this event in Carcavelos, knowing you are one of the best tube riders out there?
It is going to be great to be in the water with the boys in Pumping Carcavelos. Some of the world’s best tube riders will compete so winning would be sick! Having fun will be the key for sure!

How do you analyze your last season on the CT?
2014 has been a positive year for me. I’ve felt good and I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve seen that there’s a spot for me on tour… even if I couldn’t requalify. However, I’ve finished the season with my head up. It’s been a special year for me as I’ve felt really confident and trusting myself when competing against the world’s best surfers. I’m not happy with some of my performances but I give myself an overall good mark. All athletes know how important feelings are… and mines have been very positive throughout the entire season. 

Will you be 'all in' in the QS this year, or will you be focused on other projects as you normally do?
I’ll be back in the QS this 2015 while I keep on working on other projects. This approach into surfing is what really fills me most.

We know you are good friends with Tiago Pires, have you been keeping in touch? Ready to charge the QS together?
Tiago is a great friend and an inspiration for me. Well, not only for me but for an entire generation. Actually, we were together in Portugal last week. Tiago was a great support for me last year and I’m sure that it will be exactly the same next year. Always looking forward to spend time with him!

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