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Saturday, 28 December 2013 22:02


One of the best surfers in the World gave an interview to Surftotal!



In this precise moment the womens surfing are at her best! It´s truly powerful, progressive, thrilling and super attractive surfing , and that´s why we had a small chat with one of the best surfers in the world, Sage Erickson! Now, at the age of 23 years world, she makes history on the most important surf competition, Women World Championship Tour. With a stunning beauty and sympathy, she see in her family all the support to handle the competitive world of surfing..


SurfTotal had recently a chat with Sage. Here it is the interview:


SurfTotal: Talk to us about the boards that you have you using?

Sage     : I ride exclusively Channel Islands.. My favorite is the Epoxy Whip. It works amazing in most conditions and it the board i qualified for the World Tour riding.


SurfTotal: The waves in Australia?

Sage :The waves are amazing. Its defiantly one of the most consistent places I've been to. The only bad factor is the crowds. It’s pretty darn hard to find your own little peak to surf.


SurfTotal: We saw you sometimes doing the ASP webcast (after heat interviews), you think there is a future for you in the Media Industry? (by the way you where very good at it!)

Sage :I’ve actually spent a bit of time doing interviews during the contest season. I really enjoy it. I see it as a challenge and his something very different from surfing, it takes a lot of focus and multi tasking!


SurfTotal: We know you and your brother Noah are very closed. How important is he?

Sage My brother Noah is very important on the road this year, he's not only my brother but he's an awesome mentor and coach. He keeps life on the road really real and fun. He doesn't put to much stress on me but rather encourages in times when i need it.


SurfTotal: Terry Houston, his it true his pictures are as bad as everyone are saying?

Sage Terry is my favorite! When he's around i can't help but smile and his photos have the same affect!


SurfTotal: A message for women’s surfer ?

Sage If I had anything to say to the young girlsl I would say never give up on your dream because one day you'll wake up and be living yours. With commitment and passion anything is possible. Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries I've ever been too, smile each and every day you live in an amazing place!

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