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Saturday, 28 December 2013 22:05

The 69 Slam girl “ Giada Legati “

She said Surfing is everything for her





People called Bali is the next generation, are you agree? Why ? Because so many surfers lesson in Bali and some of them was born in. Now Surftotal will introduce “the 69 Slam Girls“. Her names Giada Legati, called her Giada. She was born 12 years ago in Monaco.


Let's check to know more !


P : Hi Giada How are you ?

Q : Fine, thanks.


P : Could you please tell me, when first time you learn surf ?

Q : Sure, first time I surf it was in padma with Hayanna’s Dad. He has surf school in Bali.


P : So whats your hobby, I mean beside surf?

Q : Ya, besides surfing my hobby is volleyball and eating ( Heehe )


P : Why you prefer surfing ?

Q : i prefer surfing because its a sport i can do with friends and its super fun!


P : So, Where your surf break ? And beyond Bali where place you been visited?

Q : My surf break is sandbar (echo beach), Brawa and Pererenan. And beyond Bali  I like Rote.


P :  Whats your last achievement you get?

Q : My last achievement was coming 3rd in rip curl from search Lombok


P : What your plan in the near future?

Q : Yup, I would like to be a professional surfer, but if that cannot,  I don't know.


P : Where you gonna live someday, which one you choose Indonesia or country you was born? and Why?

Q : My nationality is Argentine. And I prefer Argentine, because that was I'm originally from.


P :  What the meaning of surfing in your life?

Q : Surfing is everything to me, I don't know what I would be without surfing!


P : Do you have any message for Surftotal readers who learn to 

Q : Yes sure, To have fun and never stop!



Keep Rippin' Girl !!

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