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Thursday, 09 January 2014 23:16


Anonymous surf street artist painted a 17ft tall Kelly Slater as a fortune teller!


BERT sent an e-mail to SurfTotal where told us all about his new creation: a 17ft tall Kelly slater, on the Coast Highway, Encinitas, California.


The art work is called "Slater's Hawaiian Pipe Dream", and BERT jokes around Kelly having foreseeing abilities, depicting him as a fortune teller. The idea for this painting came after Slater's victory at the Pipeline Masters, last December, where he beat local John John Florence in the final.


Well, it just so happens that in 2002, we can find the following phrase in Kelly's autobiography (Pipe Dreams), when he was asked where he saw himself ten years later: "...competing at Pipe against kids line John John Florence... he is only ten years old, but he is already charging pipe. When he is twenty, I'll be forty, and hopefully I'll have a chance to surf against him." There are no doubts that Kelly Slater has some super powers, right?


After BERT's successful first solo art show on Oahu coinciding with the Pipe Master's in Dec. 2013, BERT returned to Southern California to paint this final piece of his year long project where he painted one piece of art in the streets for each of the 10 ASP WCT surf contests beginning in March of 2013.


BERT's street art has gained the interest of a variety of surfing professionals and icons including 2013 champion Mick Fanning and 2012 champion Joel Parkinson, as well as 11x champion Kelly Slater who has 2 BERT paintings hanging in his residence.


BERT will be releasing a limited edition print of 72 titled 'Slater's Hawaiian Pipe Dream. This 5 color screen print on archival paper will be available Thursday, Jan. 9th at 11am PST for $70 each at the below website:




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