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Sunday, 11 October 2015 00:00

Rip Curl GromSearch South East Asian Semi Finals decided

Clearly the moment of the day belonged to Rio Waida...

October 11th, 2015 - The 12th Annual Rip Curl GromSearch South East Asian Finals contest was run all the way up to the semi-finals today at the famed “Canggu right” at Parenenan Beach. With consistent 4 foot surf all day long for both the boys and girls divisions, it looks like Rip Curl’s last second change of venue really paid off for all competitors. “The surfing has been just great today” said the very relieved contest Director Dylan Amar. “And the competitors really stepped it up. Each heat win has been very clear, there is rarely any controversy when the waves are this good”.

The high performance surf today allowed the young competitors to show off their entire repertoire of maneuvers. From high flying aerials to deep carving cutbacks, these young surfers ripped far beyond their years. And who wouldn’t when an all expense paid trip overseas to compete in the international Gromsearch is up for grabs.

“I’m so stoked to get in the Canggu line-up with only one other person” Gushed top female  competitor Taina Izquerdo, “It pushes your surfing so much to know you are going to get plenty of waves without worrying about hassling. It was so cool for the Parerenan Surfing Club to let us have their break for two whole days!”

The action started promptly at 7am with the first heat featuring three of the hottest competitors in the comp, Raju Sena, Putu Krisna and Hendry Chapman. Sena seemed to just slam his foot on the accelerator and controlled the heat from the beginning, setting a blistering pace before anyone of the judges had even finished their coffee. Rip Curl Team rider Andre Anwar was a revelation all day long, particularly in his quarter final heat where his backside attack reminded the spectators of a young Gabriel Medina. And Rio Waida surfed with a confidence that was startling, as if he was just here to pick up his first place trophy. And the big surprise was Mega Artana, who seemed to cruise through his heats with effortless floaters and smooth, eye pleasing turns. Obviously all four of these surfers impressed the judges most, because they have all earned a berth in tomorrow’s semi finals.

But clearly the moment of the day belonged to Rio Waida. Surfing like a young Kelly Slater in his Quarter final against a baffled Muhamad Alwi, Waida posted the day’s only perfect 10 point ride on the biggest wave of the day. Riding deep and strong, his ride included a notable bottom turn, a perfect carving three sixty and a wild hand grab Aerial to finish in the shorebreak. The judges had no choice as on this single wave, Rio Waida announced his championship intent with authority. If Waida can keep up this pace, Sena, Anwar and Artana are going to have their work cut out for them.

In the Girls competition, Contest Director Dylan Amar graciously allowed these six champions the best conditions of the day. As hard fought as the boys, these heats were as action packed as boxing matches. But in the end, it was ASC/ISC Champion and Surftime Magazine’s female surfer of the year, Cinta Hansel who moved into the semi-finals against ripper Salini Rengganis, Supermodel Kailani Johnson, and Supergrom Taina Izquerdo.  

Due to low tide conditions, the Semi’s and the Finals were postponed until tomorrow morning where glassy, big conditions are guaranteed to meet the last competitors standing. “For the first time, I’m a little nervous” said Padma’s Raju Sena, “This is going to be the toughest final I have ever surfed and probably in the best surf too. Rio was unbelievable today. I predict more ten’s for all of us in the final”.

The winners of both the girls and boys under 16yrs divisions will go on to represent their respective countries at the spectacular Rip Curl GromSearch International Finals. A grand final event where they will face an International field of the best young surfers from around the globe. With Locations as far away as Australia, France, America, and Brazil, it truly is a young surfers dream. The secret location of this year’s international Gromsearch Finals will be revealed soon, and if the locations in the past are any indication, it is sure to be breathtaking.

Join us for all the final action starting at 7am tomorrow morning, Monday, October 12th at Canggu’s fabulous Parerenan beach. The Rip Curl Gromsearch South East Asian Finals is a sure- fire event not to miss. Come witness the crowning of a great young champion and the future of South East Asian surfing with us!


Semi final One: Raju Sena, Bali Vs Andre Anwar, Sumbawa
Semi Final Two: Mega Artana, (Where is he from?) Vs Rio Waida, Bali.


Semi final one: Taina Izquierdo, Bali Vs Salini Rengganis (?)
Semi final two: Cinta Hansel, Bali Vs. Kailani Johnson, Bali

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