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Monday, 03 February 2014 23:28


Winner of the Taj Burrow's Small Fries Under 14 division, australian living in Bali


Approximately 20 minutes from Kuta to Canggu known, there is a much appreciated surfbreak by many surfers. One of them is team O'Neill rider, Sonny Perrussel, although he is not a native Indonesian, he was born in Sidney, Australia, he has been living in Bali for quite a while now, considering he is only 13 years old.

Sonny said someday he would like to live in Australia where he was born but he is very fond of Indonesia, especially Bali, were he loves the amazing waves.
Well, let's know a little more about him below !

In addition to surfing what are your hobbies?
My hobbies besides surfing... I like to skateboard, and I'm learning to play ukelele from youtube. Other than that I like to run but I'm not sure this is my hobby.

Why did you choose to surf?
I chose surfing because it's amazing to be able to ride the waves, especially when the sun comes up. I can play with my friends through healthy activities that make us better and make us always cheerful.

Can you tell me how you first learn to surf?
My first time surfing was at Double Six in one surf school in the area when I was 7 years old.

What surfbreak do you prefer? And outside Bali, what other surf spots have you visited?
In Bali it's Pererenan, it has consistent rights and gives me a lot of waves for the barrel. Outside Bali, I've been visiting Australia's Snapper Rocks, it's the best place, Lennox Heads, Cornwall in England, and Mentawai of Sumatra and Lombok .

What are your recent accomplishments? I heard you won one competition in Australia, how do you feel ?
Yes, two weeks ago in Perth Australia I won at the Taj Burrow Small Fries event at Under 14 division. It made me feel happy for having won against so many talented participants. I am very pleased.

So, what you plan to do next?
I am preparing for a Surf Training Camp in Portugal, maybe two weeks. For now, me and my friends will go to Mentawa again, then to Australia for the competition Occy and Skull Candy in eastern Australia, the D - Bar and Lennox Heads. Furthermore, I'm not sure if I will be in Bali for the Summer holidays.

What is the meaning of surfing in your life?
Surfing means I can spend time in nature with my friends, with plans and goals but still manage to always be cheerful every time. Surfing was meant for me, I am very grateful that I can surf every day.

Do you have a message to readers who are learning to surf?
My message to who want to learn to surf is DO IT! Do it! Please try, it is very useful at any time, even if you fall, try again and then you will be better. Surfing will change your life for something better. I'm sure of that.


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