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Sunday, 01 May 2016 23:50


Dede went in vacation with his beloved wife, as well as surfing and met the Mayor of Shimoda, Japan ..


Indonesian surfer Dede Suryana, that is also well known in the international arena, made an excursion trip to Japan with his beloved wife. Their trip was till Shimoda, a area where the surfing is becoming very popular. After his arrival, Dede received an invitation to meet the mayor of Shimoda. This all happened on 12 of April .

As we all know that rumors Tokyo Olympics in 2020 will hold a surfing as one of the sports that are contested. Mayor Shimoda admitted to meet with Indonesia's best surfer who won the ASC in 2014. The mayor deeply want to visit Cimaja to see how Dede Suryana practice in his hometown.

 Before meeting with the mayor, Dede made several free surfing sessions in Shimoda and here's a video surf Dede Suryana in Shimoda, Japan ..

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