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Sunday, 01 January 2017 23:59


The Surf benefits for those who seek a healthy lifestyle ...


Surfing around the world has had an exponential growth and much is due to the physical and mental benefits that it provides.


It is a sport that requires some persistence until it starts to gain some benefit. It's worth starting out in a surf school, having some lessons to learn the basics and evolve more quickly and safely.


Here are some of the benefits of getting to surf:


Improves the cardiovascular system

The surfers spend 80% of the time  paddling and as aquatic activity brings an increase of the respiratory capacity.


Improvement of physical fitness

Surfing requires paddling of resistance and explosive and in certain techniques and maneuvers, power, balance, agility and speed.


Relieves stress

A sport practiced in contact with the sea causes so many good sensations that are difficult to explain. An excellent recipe for reducing anxiety and relieving stress.


Sleep enhancement

Sport is the best medicine for a peaceful sleep. Surfing, being demanding and constant contact with salt water, makes you sleep "deeper".


Alternative Therapy

Many studies have revealed surfing benefits in helping cases of cystic fibrosis, autism, depression and even post-traumatic stress disorder.


Transmit values

Respect, attitude, dedication, persistence, patience and overcoming are some of the values that this sport conveys.

Environment Awareness

Surfers, as agents dependent on nature, are more sensitive to environmental problems (beach cleaning, anti-concrete, ozone layer, etc.).


Good waves and a Happy 2017.

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