Kelly Slater, 11 times world champion Kelly Slater, 11 times world champion

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Monday, 29 January 2018 23:29

Kelly Slater became Vegan For A Month and he's feeling good

The man that is considered the greatest surfer of all times has revealed that he has been vegan for a month.


According to the athlete, who has won the World Surf Professional Tittle for 11 times - he is 'feeling good' on the new diet.

In his Instagram account he wrote: "Been vegan nearly a month now. Feeling good."

"Much better digestion and variety of healthy foods eating this way." Slater posted about veganism on Instagram (Photo: Instagram) Vegan

This is not the first time Slater has spoken about veganism. In a video last year, he revealed that he was 'working [his] way in the direction' of going plant-based, citing environmental and health benefits.

According to the surfing legend, he hasn't consumed milk for many years.

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