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Sunday, 18 February 2018 16:42

Single and Unattached Classic Single Fin Contest

Single and Unattached Classic Single Fin Contest Gets Underway with the Newly Single Division

After a lay day yesterday and this morning dawning with a virtually flat ocean, the rising tide and the anticipated increase in swell allowed the contest organizers to call the Single and Unattached Classic Single Fin contest on this afternoon, getting the Newly Single Division surfers out in the water to test themselves against the knee to waist high waves for a few heats.

A mix of men and women, the Newly Single Division is made up of the new converts to the classic single fin style, so they were all smiles out there in the warm ocean just having fun and enjoying the vibe.
Tomorrow things will get a bit more serious with some great international as well as very proficient Filipino classic single fin loggers showing off their best moves to finish off the event.

The swell forecast shows the swell will continue to increase overnight so the waves prediction is quite acceptable for this next day event.

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