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Wednesday, 01 August 2018 17:19

The Jakarta mass media gathered in Bali to learn how to surf

The call was made by Rip Curl Indonesia, and some of the most iconic media from Jakarta and Indonesia went through Bali for three days of Surf Life Style.

May sound weird, but Indonesia is by far the best country in the world to have a surf experience. Warm Water, thousands of surf spots and Waves for all kinds of levels, beautifull landscapes, warm and welcoming people, and the biggest part of the Indonesian population, don't even imagine this reality.

Every year millions of Western people travel to Indonesia, Bali, Mentawai, Java, Rote, Sumbawa, Sumba and so many other islands bathed by the Indian Ocean, to have the best surf experience of their lives.

The Rip Curl Padang Cup, a surf competition for professional surfers that happens every year since 2006 is a special event that gives the opportunitie for the best Indonesian professional surfers meet some of the best western professional surfers in one of the best waves in the world - Padang Padang, and there make the best barrels to win a total prize money of 100.000 Us Dollars.


So Rip Curl every year also invite some of the most iconical Indonesian surf media to make a special gathering about this event and about surfing.

This gathering aims to explain to the mass media what are the goals of Rip Curl Padang Cup and also give a bit of a taste of surf and surf life style to the journalists that join.

From last Friday till Sunday, 27 till 29 July,  Journalists from some of the main Jakarta Media flight to Bali to gather in three days of beach, surf, sun and good vibes.


28 years old Alexander from Cosmopolitan Magazine say, "I like the event because it's matching with the DNA of Rip Curl itself, when we heard/think about Rip Curl, we'll immediately think about surf and how they became the part of the lifestyle of the surfing culture. The event is fun because they actually let us experience it first hand through activities like wakeboarding and the surf lessons. I guess most of us only know surfing casually and never had a chance to experience it firsthand. Thanks to Rip Curl, we know how hard and physically demanding it is and how it's really a sport (a fun one).

45 years old Lufti Zulkarnaen Journalist from SCTV says, "My personal opinion of the Padang Padang Rip Curl Cup event is very good and interesting, but that is my opinion as a person who does not really understand about surfing, I mean Rip Curl packed this event with great entertaining, both for the participants and the audience. So that who don't really understand surfing can still enjoy this event. And in particular, Bali is the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia, because that event title like Rip Curl Padang Padang is very good for the image of Indonesian tourism.
According to my interview with some Indonesian surfers, they also really enjoyed the competition, because events like Rip Curl Cup can be a place for them to show skill to feel the atmosphere of the tournament with international surfers.

Also Dinny Muita from told us :"Two things to be highlighted about rip curl event is surfing and water activity, one, I'm very pleased when joining the event, with the food, activity, and interesting people who involved. Of course, bali somehow give me vacation vibe even though I'm in the middle of working.2 Before i joined this event, i thought surfer has lazy life cause they're spent all day just for surfing and sometimes party. But, my perspective has change a little bit cause they also concerned about keeping nature clean. So while the surfer can do it more for nature, it must be support.
Eris from told us _"Rip Curl has a very good role in advancing surfing with the Rip Curl Padang competition. Aside from advancing surfing, Rip Curl also has a good role in increasing Bali tourism.The experience of following the Rip Curl event is remarkable. I really enjoy, especially with the beauty of Bali .
The most impressive is when I attended paddling training in Sanur Beach. With the instructor's direction, I can beat the fear".

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