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Saturday, 22 March 2014 01:37


Wave and Sports Land uses sea water in a cutting edge technology

This project, will be up and running on September of 2015 in Oeiras, Portugal. The wave pool is only the tip of the iceberg, side to side with a parking camp, a skate park, and a hand full of activities that aim to entertain a whole family.

A circular wave pool with salt water is the concept. This technology takes a different road from other pool waves like Kelly Slater's and Webber's.

This wave pool will deliver 300 waves per hour, and will produce waves between 0,5 metres and 2 metres, with the possibility of having tubular waves, but also providing waves where beginners can learn how to surf. The island will have a diameter of 60 metres with a channel of 20 metres.

The estimation of prices ranges from 5 euros per hour to 15 euros for 4 hours. This project will also have schools where you can learn bodyboard, surf, diving, inline, skate, BMX, etc.

This wave pool will allow to control different types of wave rythms; it will be possible to plan the timming between haves, and to plan a set - the whole purpose is to simulate as accurately as possible the ocean experience.

SurfTotal plans to have a webcam on site, that will allow surfers to check out if there are many people surfing, and to plan the exact time they want to enjoy these waves.

You can check their site right here:

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