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Monday, 06 January 2014 23:05


Dozens of pictures and videos have flooded the internet in the last hours

All of western Europe has been suffering from a giant swell that resulted from the coming of the storm "Hercules". The phenomenom has been called "Black Swell", and has impacted mainly Great Britain, France and Portugal.

In Biarritz, France, amateurs recorded the moment where a woman vanished after being hit by an enormous wave, this sunday. The 30 year old woman was surprised while talking a walk near to a lighthouse, known to be a very dangerous zone. A man was also dragged to sea, but managed to survive for 20 minutes, just in time to be rescued.

Helicopter searches were immediatly initiated, but 24 hours later, there are still no signs of the body.

Here is the video of the fatidic moment:

Portugal was also severely hit by the storm, with incidents all over the coast line. The Azores islands were the first to meet the giant waves on sunday, and forecasts predict 7 meter waves for all of the western portuguese coast.

In Costa de Caparica, near the capital, Lisbon, this amateur video was recorded, and we can see the powerful waves invading land and taking everything in front of them, with no mercy.

Ericeira - World Surf Reserve Webcam

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