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Tuesday, 10 November 2015 00:00

Rip Curl Core Store opens in Sanur!

The new Rip Curl Sunrise store is located in the heart of the Sanur surfing and beach culture community.



This fully renovated, completely fresh designed 377 square meter store is a surfing destination featuring a full range of Rip Curl products for the avid surfer and the east side ocean lifestyle community. Dita Gempur - Head of Design and Projects at Rip Curl South East Asia commented : "With this new, fresh and clean store design we were able to get the maximum capacity from the layout giving us the ability to fully showcase the brand and its products".


A 6 meter tall, all glass entrance provides the entire store with natural light, holding up a strong connection with the outdoor surroundings. With the walls broken down from the old store customers now have an easy overview inviting them to explore all the details that are seamlessly woven into the interior design. Moreover, a small lounge near the fitting rooms creates a homely feel under its sky high ceilings within its tropical vibe. And not only is the store featuring a complete range of Rip Curl apparel, accessories, watches and footwear but also a 100 surfboard inventory from the greatest shapers in the world, including DHD and Lost's Mayhem line. And as always, an awesome custom surfboard program that you have to try for yourself.

Sanur's new Sunrise Rip Curl store is a surfing experience. A place to not only stock up on all your ocean needs, but also a place to invigorate you're surfing in a casual yet dynamic environment.

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