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Thursday, 30 June 2016 23:58


The paraffin smell repels the ocean predators ...

 Australian Neil Campbell created the Chillax Surf Wax where in addition to a normal wax for surfboards, also try to keep the sharks away from surfers.

Campbell moved from Adelaide to Sydney last year and has dedicated the last twelve months to develop a paraffin odor that avoids the surfers smell "shark food."

The idea ocurred Campbell a long time ago and is related with the fear of being attacked by a shark, during his child time. A week before moving to Sydney, Neil had an encounter with a bull shark while surfing in a reef break. After that incident he swore to himself that he would never commit the mistake in getting to surf without a strategy

Since then he developed an organic wax with a very particular odor, whose ingredients undergo eucalyptus, cloves, pepper, wax and coconut, among others. The basic idea is to make a wax that have a different odor and that disguise the surfers smell (the food for sharks). Like many smells and odors are used to ward off bears, dogs, snakes, mosquitoes and flies, also Chillax Surf Wax follows this philosophy regarding to sharks.

It was not done yet any independent study which officially certifies the qualities of wax with respect to repel sharks, but Campbell says, very soon he will have it, with the help of recognized scientists.

However, the production shall start in six months. The price of each wax bar will have aproximately half the value of the current bar.


More info about Chillax surf wax here

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