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Sunday, 29 December 2013 16:15

Batik and Surf

Batik Always Had Uniqueness



On October 2nd, 2009, the United Nations through UNESCO officially accept the nomination Indonesian batik as an intangible cultural heritage for humanity.  So, every October 2nd is commemorated National Batik Day.


Batik Indonesia is a worldwide identity, and surfing is one of the sports favored by travelers Bali, Indonesia. One of surf shop in Bali ( NUSA and Debali ) inspired by Batik and surf. Generally surfboard, bikini, rashvest, shirt, jacket, and fin pictorial with modern design. They made shirt,jacket, bikini, rushguard, surfboard, and fin with batik pattern ( batik Yogyakarta, batik Pekalongan, Batik Bali, and etc. Although the owner is not an Indonesian, but this is proof that batik was awesome for everbody.


Diego ( Owner of Nusa and Debali ) opine that Indonesian Batik is an exquisite and unique way of seeing and representing the universe around us. Pioneer Batik artists and artisans were able to intuit life’s intrinsic repetition of different patterns. Patterns that mix and combine creating different shapes and effects. We look at a Batik design from a distance and we see something. We look at it from close and we discover something else. Same as the universe, same as life. And Batik does it in a poetic and aesthetically pleasant and harmonious way.


Nusa and Debali rediscover Traditional Indonesian Batik incorporating it to our surf life. The result is a clothing line for men and a clothing line for women that are classic yet bold, elegant yet fresh, traditional yet modern, casual yet stylish.


Nusa and Debali, inspired by bali – surf – life.

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