Monday, 21 April 2014 22:55


Exclusive photos by Terry Houston

Photographer Terry Houston told us all about this event.

"This was very much a local only contest ,from the Padma area with a few vistors in the mix ,The age limit was 20 and below with a larger grope of mini groms , the surf was big and walled only a few shorders to make it out of , the groms stayed on the inside as the surf was too big for them to dive under ,but the old and bigger juniors ,made it out and a few barrlel few had ,but mostly closeouts big one lol ,and an the last heat had a few older locals that showed age didn't real mattter ,lot of food and drinks for the sponsors, and t-shirts for the contestants.The airport was just out the back and the outer reef were going off all and all a great event and good time".

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