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In a surprising upset yesterday, 21 June, in the Quiksilver Padma Challenge at Padma Beach in Bali, 16 year old Reef Doig took down Bali’s top ASC ranked pro surfers in an exciting final battle as thousands of spectators looked on, most of whom were gathered on the beach as part of the Quiksilver, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia, and Garuda Indonesia sponsored Bali Big Eco Weekend.


Besides the sporting event, which was a part of the Asian Surfing Championships, there were several eco-friendly activities, such as a clean up at Padma beach, as well as freeing 300 baby turtles.


Quiksilver has been working towards raising alertness to the preservation of Bali.

Due to the lack of knowledge of about 80% of Indonesian population about these matters, solid residue is still not properly taken care of. With the exponencial growth of population this has become an increasingly worst problem, and has had some impact on tourism, with lesser people visiting.


Paul Hutson, Quiksilver Indonesia’s manager has been working hard with some strong partners such as Coca-Cola and Garuda, in order to alert people to take care of Bali’s beaches. This has not been an easy struggle, according to Paul, specially for the lack of local companies getting involved with this problem.


Helping out were top names of international surfing, like former champion Mark Rcihards, Jack Patterson, Sally Fitzgibbons and Fred Patacchia.


The surfing event, part of the ASC ranking, took place at Padma, a beach break that provided good waves.

Surfers from all over the world showed up, since the national indonesian championship allows their participation.


Quiksilver Padma Challenge Contest Results:


1.  Reef Doig (Aus)

2.  Raditya Rondi (Bali)

3.  Putra Hermawan (Bali)

4.  Garut Widiarta (Bali)


Roxy Padma Challenge Contest Results:


1.  Taina Hinckel (Brazil)

2.  Puanani Johnson (Bali-Hawaii)

3.  Taina Izquierdo (Bali)

4.  Yasnyiar “Bonne” Gea (Idn)




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