Friday, 31 January 2014 15:31


In Pipeline only the best thrive


Want to see the world's gnarliest dudes all competing at the world's heaviest wave? You're in luck. While the Pipe Masters (being the last stop on the WCT) is mainly reserved for top 34 competitors — save a few wild card spots and trials winners -- the Volcom Pipe Pro is another beast entirely. It is commonly a much younger, more ferocious, more home-bred beast.

At least the competitors are.

Yes, perhaps the most daunting, absolutely terrifying thing about the Volcom Pipe Pro is how many talented locals are entered year after year. Locals that call this fabled wave their "homebreak." Locals that surf it year after year from October through April, rain or shine, 2 to 20 feet.

Locals, like, say, John John Florence who literally live a 20 second walk from the shore and have been surfing the wave since they learned to swim.

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