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Ty Simpson Kane wants to be a big wave rider

Born in Maui, this young surfer knows exactly what he wants, and looks confident enough to get there."My name is Ty Simpson-Kane and I am 10 yrs old from Kuau, Maui. I've been surfing since I was born. My dad took me out to the Cave at Honolua for the first time during a full swell when I was 8 years old. I've been surfing the Cave ever since and its my favorite wave. When I'm out in the line up in big waves I have this good rush going through me. I want to be a big wave rider, I have a great support system in my family and out there in the water", says Ty.

"My dad and all my uncles take really good care of me, they watch over me to make sure I am safe and when they say "GO! GO!" I gotta go. There is no holding back there is no hesitation. Hesitation can be dangerous, it can get you hurt, and it also wastes a great wave! My dream is to be the youngest kid to travel the world and surf the biggest waves in the world. Charging big waves is fun for me because you get huge stand up barrels, nuts air drops and the feeling of being on a big wave is like nothing else I've ever experienced!". Keep an eye on this one!

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