Wednesday, 26 July 2017 10:53

Catching Up With The Defending Champion, Mega Semadhi | 2017 Rip Curl Cup, Padang Padang

You’d be hard pressed to find a surfer out at Padang Padang with more local street cred than Mega Semadhi. He’s the local of the local surfers in the Rip Curl Cup.


Mega grew around the corner at Bingin, owns the food truck in the car park, and is on it for practically every good swell at Padang. Even the heavens chose him as the ultimate Padang local – it’s said that the Bali gods ordained Mega to be the future high priest of nearby Uluwatu Temple. So when Mega won the Cup in 2016 for the second time, it’s no wonder it was bedlam from the cliffs to the beach as the locals celebrated the homegrown son’s accomplishment (Mega’s mom even lead the local crowd on the beach in singing the Indonesian national anthem during the awards ceremony). Will the hometown crowd get to sing their favorite son to victory in 2017? Here’s a bit of local knowledge from the defending champ

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