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Want to take your mind and your surfing into the metaphysical? Try Breath Enhancement Training…

Oxygen is the key to life. We know that right? But how much do we know about the mechanics of breathing and of our mostly unawakened capabilities?

If you're like most, a five-second wipeout has you close to panic and desperately swallowing air when you do surface. Imagine if you could take a two-wave, one-minute hit on the head without punching the panic button.

And it's not just in the surf where smart use of breathing can help you. Learn the techniques of Breath Enhancement Training, like three-time world champion Mick Fanning, and your heart-rate is more balanced, you can reduce anxiety, but be able to deal with high levels of stress when it happens, as well as drive more energy from your body.

Mick trains with the beyond-fabulous Nam Baldwin, a former scuba diving instructor to the stars and Kung-Fu expert, capable himself of holding his own breath for seven minutes. Steph Gilmore and former Wimbledon champ Pat Rafter have also worked with Nam.

“Doing the Breath Enhancement Training really opened my eyes," says Mick. "Being a professional surfer it is essential that you are able to hold your breath, especially in big-wave situations. I achieved this and so much more. I felt a greater use of my breath whilst active, felt stronger in myself and learnt to clear my mind. I have done a lot of fitness training over the years but being able to control my mind doesn't happen in these other areas. While in the pool I felt calm and relaxed and that would carry on for the rest of the day. Then when competing that is when I felt the work I had done really pay off. In the past I have felt scattered when competing but after doing this work I was very clear minded and felt very calm but extremely switched on. In high-pressure situations I felt I made very clear decisions very quickly."

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