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Ryan Callinan is one of Australia’s most exciting, and likeable, young performers.


Clip filmed and edited by Jack Taylor and Jay Grant.

"Heading into the Billabong World Junior Championships at Burleigh Heads in Queensland’s Gold Coast in 2012, Ryan had the eyes of the industry watching him. An excellent run on the Australasian Junior Series had earned him his place in the biggest event on the junior calendar. After breaking his right ankle during a freesurf in Bali months earlier, Ryan was back. The lithe goofy-foot from Newcastle was one of the biggest names in the draw and had serious rehabilitation to get him in fighting shape for what would be the last junior outing of his career. Most people figured him at outright odds to win it.
Then the unimaginable; during a warm up session Ryan tries a similar version of the same move that broke his right ankle - a backhand air reverse – and this time he completely stuffs his left ankle. It’s not broken, but the ligaments are torn, badly, and before he’s even had time to comprehend what just happened, he’s back on the couch and out for the majority of 2012. It’s not until October that he really starts to feel close to 100%.
That’s tough stuff for any aspiring, motivated young athlete. Not to mention his family, friends and fans, all of who want to see him do good – along with the industry crew, hell-bent on promoting him.


A real favourite of photographers and film makers, Ryan is now back and mixing PR trips with appearances at World Qualifying Series events.
He wants to qualify for the World Tour.
He has the world champ’s trainer, Wes Berg, in his corner and extra help from Dog Marsh, a former world tour competitor.
We’re expecting good things. Will you applaud?"

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