Sunday, 07 December 2014 00:00

Qualifying: Portugal and the Cascais Billabong Pro

The quest for qualification is an interesting way to live – and here, we define interesting.


Surfing’s World Qualifying Series knows no season. It starts in January, ends in December and is obese with events in between. And to top it all off, the landscape of the rankings changes after every major contest – it sure is an interesting way to live. In Qualifying, we define interesting. The series follows Nathan Hedge, Evan Geiselman, Ezekiel Lau, Damien Hobgood and Pat Gudauskas in the midst of a qualification run.

In this episode, covering the Billabong Cascais Pro, we follow our five as they search for a result in the fog banks west of Lisbon. The event marks an interesting point in the Qualification series. Cascais is the beginning of crunch time, when the dream either becomes real or really distant. And did we mention that the event is in the middle of two WCTs, attracting a hungry crowd of the world’s best? Interesting indeed. See for yourself.

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